A Little About Me

I am a Mother of 2 boys, a Nan to twin boys, a daughter and a sister to my 3 brothers. I have a very supportive partner who calls himself a card widow!

I grew up with a wonderful Mum who taught me to be independent, strong willed, loving and creative.

I was born in Tottenham, London but moved to Loughton when I was small, and since then have moved more times than I care to remember, but now living in Essex.

My card loving began when I was given a small crafting kit for my birthday back in 2008 and I was immediately taken with the things I discovered in the box….all the usual stuff but it just really appealed to me. I had always worked hard, usually having at least 3 jobs, that I never had time to discover my creative side, but this little box inspired me immensely. Since then I have looked at all sides of the craft world, but my love remains with the die cutting and stamping.

I greatly admire the designers of this world, and the information that people spend their time sharing, and felt that is was time to share right back…..so here I am!

Please bear with me and once I got the hang of posting all these things, hopefully I can build and help inspire others, just like others inspired me!

Happy Crafting to you all!


Please leave a reply, your comments inspire!

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