The Journey So Far…..

Wedding Card Made using Anja Edge Die
Wedding Card Made using Anja Edge Die

The Journey Begins…….

Hello, fellow card makers.

I have been so inspired by the blogs, tutorials, others creativity, that I thought it was time for me to enter the world of blogging!

There is so many wonderfully talented people in this field, that seem to get as much pleasure as me from the creations we produce, that I thought it would be nice to actually contact and chat with you all.

I have been crafting cards for over 13 years now but in my eyes, I am still very much a novice, and there is nothing better than other like minded people to inspire and guide, and to get rid of those moments when you stare at a blank bit of paper and it just stares right back at you…… 😦

So I hope to get to know you all, drag out all those wonderful things in your heads, and create together!

I have put a link to my pinterest site, in case you want to see exactly how much guidance (and drastic help) I need….. so without further ado, welcome to my card obsession!!!

Thank you for taking the time to view and please leave a comment.

6 thoughts on “The Journey So Far…..

  1. Hi Kim, your cards are absolutely beautiful, you are very talented. The card you gave me last year for my 60th Birthday was just amazing, I hope you do really well in your card making business, you deserve it. x

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