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Big Hugs!

Hello Crafters It's time to smile....It's Friday! and to keep that smile going, I came across this little card that will hopefully brighten up your day, the colours certainly will! This was for my niece's birthday, and I wanted to send her a hug in a card, and what better way to do it then… Continue reading Big Hugs!

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Sunday Recovery

Hello Crafters Well on Sunday I was rummaging,moving and sorting in my craft room to make space and try to gain every last inch out of the room I have, to the point where I have looked at it half hour later and thought 'How the divil did I get that in there!', but I… Continue reading Sunday Recovery

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Happy Ellie Birthday!

Hello Crafters How's your crafting days going? This week, when I have been getting in from work, I have been sneaking off to my craft room. Unusual for me, as I'm usually sorting bits out ad never seem to get any 'time' during the week, but I just went there and played. This resulted in… Continue reading Happy Ellie Birthday!