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Fairy Exploding Box

Hello Crafters How has you're weekend been so far? Well this weekend has felt like I've been on a cyber ride running along at 200 miles an hour, I'm positive it was Friday afternoon 5 mintues ago, so where it's gone I do not know.....if you see a Friday evening whizz past, chased by Saturday… Continue reading Fairy Exploding Box

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It’s The Gingerbread Man!

Hello Crafters Well I really didn't want to post these cards already, particularly as the weather has been so hot, but I have been busy having fun with my grandsons, so haven't had time to make this weekend, so I have had to dip into my 'ready mades' to share with you today. I wasn't… Continue reading It’s The Gingerbread Man!

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Wedding Wishings!

Hello Crafters How are you? We started our day off with a lovely walk in the park this morning, and little lad certainly enjoyed it. He found great pleasure running round the circular rose beds with a big smile, absolutely loved it. We found a beautiful white rose there which was so fragrant, so it… Continue reading Wedding Wishings!