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Little Dragon

Hello Crafters

Well the weather is certainly keeping us guessing this week isn’t it! Put your coat on, take your coat off, put your jacket on, uh-oh we got wet! Talk about sort yourself out! Right now thunder is starting to rumble again!

So it is also a week of change for me too, as the wonderful working from home time, has now ended and we have had the email to ‘return to arms’, so as of tomorrow, it is back to work. Personally I was far more productive at home, and when I did go back in the office, I found it really hard to settle down last week, but also very grateful to be employed as things are difficult for all, so I will pack up my lunch, and get my head in gear ready for tomorrow, oh and of course, going fully armed with Biscoff Cupcakes for the returning staff!

Too too yummy, they go deep inside my tummy! These particular ones have biscoff whipped cream inside too. Just saying!!! 🙂

Now after a good feed we all want to go to sleep, and today I want to share the most gorgeous little sleeping blossom dragon from Lee Holland. I gave it to a friend as it is her birthday today, so I can now share it with you. She loved him so much she’s nicknamed him Dougal!



  1. Download and colour the sleeping dragon image.
  2. Create a card 21 cm x 14.5 cm (7″ x 5″)
  3. Cut silver mirra card matt layer 20.5 cm x 14 cm (6 7/8″ x 4 7/8″) for both inside and front of card. Adhere ready for next layer.
  4. Using scraps and stitched rectangle dies of different sizes, make the next layer as desired, such a great way of using the larger scraps of card that are just too small to use as a layer.
  5. Mount the coloured dragon as desired to front of card.
  6. Cut a decorative flag and adhere across front of card. I used the little heart cutouts from the centres of the flag to decorate other areas.
  7. Stamp and cut out sentiment for inside and front of card, and place a silver mirra matt around the inside sentiment and adhere where desired.
  8. Finish with decoration of choice, I used the sequins as they had tiny little foil hearts that went well with the hearts already scattered around the front.

I really fell in love with this little dragon, he’s so cute, but I also have a new favourite die too, for those in the UK, the Heffy Doodle Stitched Rectangles (EU) are positively perfect for the UK sized cards without adapting, so they will be my new go to die. I hope that there are more dies that get produced for the UK as it does make a difference when layering and well worth the investment.

Hope you have a great week.


Kim x

7 thoughts on “Little Dragon

  1. Those cupcakes look delicious! Any chance you might share the recipe???? That card is so cute. What a great image! Glad you are able to go back to work. Working from home, I find that I am more productive, but do miss seeing other people on a daily basis. Thanks for sharing both!

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  2. Oh my word where to start. Super post. Hope all goes well with work. My goodness I wish I worked with you. Those little cakes look delicious!!! Yum!!!!!!! Loving Dougal. He is so cute. Fantastic card Kim. Beautifully created as always. Really getting back into using dies again as well. Just had a bit of a shop at the sizzix sale. I’ve been working all day in the garden. Running for cover when the showers passed over. Very strange weather this year. The frost attacked a lot of plants so they are a bit late in coming out. Can you tell I have not spoken to any one for weeks! LOL! Have a lovely evening. Hugs Flo xx

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    1. Hello Flo. Thank you for the lovely comment and so glad to hear from you. You look like you are super busy too. I should get out in the garden but have run out of day! Nice to see you getting back into die cutting too. I have a scan n cut but still use my dies more than the machine, guess we’re addicted to the old way! I have spent a fortune this month, hooked on Stamping Bella and Whimsy just don’t stand a chance! Better let you get back to playing, look forward to seeing pictures of the garden, I love your garden! Take care xx


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