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50 Years Wed!

Hello Crafters

Well how fast has life been moving for you? Super light speed? As that is what it feels like for me. Not that I am complaining, as the quicker we can see our loved ones the better, just simply ‘Hold up there Neddy!’ It has been bought home a bit more as yesterday we celebrated a ‘BIG’ event in our family as best we could, and that is my brother and sister-in-law’s 50th wedding anniversary, and guess who was bridesmaid back then at the tender age of 9!

I wanted to make more of a memory keepsake than a card, so I decided to make an album, and very annoyingly, I only took pictures and desperately now wish I had made a video, but hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn’t it!?

I was so happy with it and usually to make an album takes at least a week, but I did this from start to finish including making the outer covers and spine, in 6 hours – super fast light speed!!!!

I am so incredibly proud of this, and it was made using Hunkydory Rose Gold Moments, which unfortunately are no longer available, and I had been saving it for that ‘Special Occasion’ and I am so glad I did (See….sometimes it pays to hoard). It truly is a stunning collection of toppers and papers all in that amazing Rose Gold Mirror card decoration. You can still get the Rose Gold Mirror card on it’s own.

I genuinely cannot tell you how I made this as it was never intended to be, it came to me as I was about to try to make a card, and I did a complete 360 and decided to make the album. I didn’t even keep a list of the items used – so. so many things, but I will try and list what I can see from the photos, just incase there is something you like.


I really hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it. I felt like something special, and it will hold very special memories one day too.

Have a wonderful week.


Kim x

4 thoughts on “50 Years Wed!

  1. Hi Nancee. Get to see you. Thank you for the lovely comment and yes they did enjoy the album. I totally agree with the “go with the flo” policy, definitely works every time!


  2. Oh this is awesome! I think when we just sit down and start creating our best work is done. I like the “go with the flo” plan the best! I’m sure they loved it! It is just awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. So beautiful! And you SHOULD be incredibly proud of this beautiful keepsake! You’ve done a wonderful job for this milestone anniversary!

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