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Darn Tootin!

Hello Crafters

I can’t believe we are here at Sunday already, goodness knows where the time has gone! I sure am missing my Mondays off, as Saturday and Sundays are just go, go, go!

I didn’t get time to share this on Wednesday, so I am sharing this with you now, as another of my former colleagues was made redundant last week on the same day as my previously shared card, so made this card for him.

This is a new technique for me. I was looking for ideas on Pinterest, and I saw a quilled card with a similar face made by Ecstatic Over Paper, and I thought how great it looked, but I didn’t possess any quilling strips, so I thinly cut card, and using a ruler, made the card curl. I used thinner card than my usual type to help with the smooth curling.



  1. Make a sky blue base card 14.5 cm x 21 cm
  2. Cut 2no silver mirra card 14 cm x 20.5cm and adhere to front and inside of card.
  3. Cut 1 no designer card 13.5 cm x 20 cm and layer on front.
  4. Cut 1 no white card 13.5 cm x 20 cm and stamp sentiment in centre, adhere to inside of card.
  5. Cut 1 white notched square (Die 5) and stamp sentiment top and bottom. Using thin strips of black and blue card, make a face gluing along the edge.
  6. Cut 1 no blue notched square (Die 6), and layer behind the white. Mount to top centre of card with foam squares.
  7. Cut 1 no white stitched label (Die 3) and 1 no blue stitched label (Die 2) stamped with sentiment and mount to front with foam pads.
  8. Add some sequins for decoration as desired.

It was such a difficult situation when I was making these cards, the reason for them was neither nice or easy, but I hope it bought a smile, and I am sure he will go on to better things.

That’s it from me and I am hoping to have a hand coloured card to share with you shortly, once I finished making a jumper for our new grandson! He’s just adorable!

Have a great week everyone


Kim x

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