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Christmas Past 2020

Hello Crafters

Hope you are all safe and well. I know these latest measures that have been decided upon seem like another eternal method against the pandemic, but when you really think about it, it was inevitable that after all that mixing at Christmas, as we know that some could not be kept apart, it was going to happen. My habits haven’t changed much since March as I figured that sooner or later it would get worse before it gets better and now I’m use to ‘this way of life’ so it makes no difference. I only leave to exercise the doggies, and give myself a little exercise, the only problem I have is trying to find work. Again that will sort itself out, just stay strong, and we will see a difference. Now more than ever the term ‘United we stand, Divided we fall’, seems really relevant.

To break the mood I thought I would share some of my Christmas cards, and can you believe, I didn’t take photos of all of them, first time, so I can only share what I have. I must have managed to make over 40 all together, and some of my favourites aren’t there but hope you enjoy them anyway.

I haven’t listed the products as I used so many it would take an age, but if you want to know a particular item, just send me a message, and I will let you know.

I think finally that is the last of 2020 cards………until I find another to share with you that is!

Enjoy the rest of your crafty week.


Kim x

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