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With Sympathy

Hello Crafters

Hope you been keeping well during this second phase of our lockdown, to be honest I have just been doing what I was doing from the beginning, working from home, walking the dogs for daily exercise and baking, colouring and card making. I’m one of those that can’t sit still and do nothing, but have felt a little more tired than usual, but put that down to the dark nights. I’m a spring baby and wilt a bit in the winter, roll on the spring smells and summer sunshine!

Unfortunately a couple of weeks ago, a family friend lost her mum, who suffered with dementia, so although tragic that she has gone, we know she is at peace. I made a little card to let her know we where thinking of her during this difficult time.

This little stamp is so delicate but so full of meaning at the same time, so I think it goes so well in this situation. As we all know it is never easy to make this type of card.


Simple, delicate but meaningful.

Have a wonderful week.


Kim x

6 thoughts on “With Sympathy

  1. Sympathy cards are ones I don’t like to make, and it seems, all to often have to. I guess as we get older we will be making more. This one is so pretty. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Hi Nancee. Thank you. I think your right and this year I have made more than I ever had, which gets a bit scary sometimes, as my brothers and I are now the older generation! Now that is scary stuff!!!

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