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Underwater Baby

Hello Crafters

Well it has been quite a week and one which has seen many changes, all of which I am not allowed to reveal, but all will be known shortly. All I will say is, that was a week that was!

So what with all the politics, the lockdowns and all the strange things happening, I wanted to share something a bit special that will make you smile and forget things for a few minutes, so today I am sharing a card with a difference!

I was asked to create a new baby card but for someone who’s hobby was diving, so she asked if I could do an underwater baby card. Well I was racking my brains for what to do, and this is what I came up with.


It is a 3D box with layers to form the scene and sealed with clear acetate on the front, and all the creatures and scene is hand coloured with Copic Markers and the dolphin and sea creatures are free floating and move when the box is held. The whole front portion raises to reveal the card base and sentiment underneath. It felt pretty magical when it was completed, and I loved designing and making it.

I don’t think the pictures do it justice, but I am proud of this.

Have a lovely crafty week.


Kim x

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