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Happy Birthday Niece!

Hello Crafters

Hope you have had a lovely weekend. As you can gather by the late hour of the posting, I have been  a bit busy (to say the least), but am very proud of myself today for cooking not 1 but 2 meals at the same time today! A full on very very lovely roast lamb dinner with all the trimmings, all home made, and full Lamb Curry ready for taster evening at Slimming World (Made from scratch too, no jar sauces here, thank you very muchly, as she puffs out her chest)! Also just before spent 2 hours walking around town, and (groan) yes, craft shopping I did too, but really shouldn’t as I should be saving as I’m off to Farnborough Make It Craft Show at end of the month, but you know, a girls gotta do……although Mr Kim bought me a Spellbinder Prizm for Valentine’s, isn’t he a sweetie?

So I did craft yesterday, but can’t show you yet, it was for Valentine’s, (hush, hush, say no more, nod, wink), so as we say, here was one I made earlier:

I used the following:

The background card is amazing, and I purchased mine from The Works, called Truly Refreshing! It is a 12″ x 12″ pad and one of the sheets has 4 of these amazing patterns, that fitted exactly with the dies. Job’s a gooden’!

Right so still got a bit to do before bed time, so I wish you lovely bloggers a wonderful week.


Kim x

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