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Fairy Exploding Box

Hello Crafters

How has you’re weekend been so far? Well this weekend has felt like I’ve been on a cyber ride running along at 200 miles an hour, I’m positive it was Friday afternoon 5 mintues ago, so where it’s gone I do not know…..if you see a Friday evening whizz past, chased by Saturday and followed by a rapid Sunday, can you trip them up please and send them back!

It has been a lovely journey though, as Friday saw the arrival of my friend’s birthday, and I couldn’t wait to give her the very special gift I had prepared for her, not a card but a box, and you all know I love making my boxes. This one saw the start a while ago, when I made some wonderful columns out of ordinary white card, and done my best to make them look like ruins, which I am proud to say I think they do but that is for you to decide in a moment when I give you the Exploding Fairy Box.

Now this box took 7 dedicated hours of painting, colouring, stamping, distressing and building, and I enjoyed every single minute, being lost in the world of Fairy Folk! No ordinary Fairies, but tiny little fairies that require only a box to live in.

I made a base box, and the instructions for this can be found on my other blog post. Remember that each box I make is different depending on what height is needed to accommodate all of the pieces.

The majority of the images were Lawn Fawns Fairy Friends stamp and dies, Puffy Clouds die, Lawn Fawn Forest Border, Lawn Fawn Stitched Mountain Border Die, Mama Elephant Grassy Trio, Creative Expressions Trailing Ivy, Spellbinders Curved Square & Decorative Curved Square. I think that’s it! The columns were entirely made by me with no die just my imagination! (There is a brain in there somewhere lol!).

Saturday appeared and this was my once a year card glass with a lovely group of ladies from Great Wakering, and we spent a few hours together making cards, which really flew by, but it was a lovely day, and we even had some lovely new faces too! I am considering having an evening card sessions once a month at home to see if I could actually make this a regular thing, and help others learn new things, so I was inspired by these lovely ladies.

Sunday was Mr Kim’s birthday, and we went for a birthday meal at Toby, with a few family members, so that was great too. I was very good and didn’t have too many things I shouldn’t, but I think Mr Kim had a bit too much, but that is what birthdays are all about!

So all in all, a really lovely weekend with lots of lovely people! I am feeling truly blessed to know so many wonderful people πŸ™‚

Here’s wishing you a happy week ahead.


Kim x

12 thoughts on “Fairy Exploding Box

  1. I missed this post too (sorry, I am working chronologically backwards). You have definitely fallen off my WP Reader somehow. I will add you to my ‘check up just in case’ list. This is a proper work of art! Such a special gift to give.

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    1. Thank you, never feels like work, that’s the brilliant thing about crafting, as I know it will put a smile on someone’s face and it is all worth it! πŸ™‚ x

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  2. I have never made a box before! I love the look of them, but don’t seem to have the patience (or time) to make one. Beautifully done! πŸ™‚


    1. Thank You! I love making these, the base box is so simple, and it is like a blank canvas, let you imagination run wild, especially when it is for someone special πŸ™‚ x

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  3. Belated Birthday Greeting to Mr. Kim. Sounds like a perfect day with food and family. Everything required for a great day!

    Now … the card.

    Ohhhhh KIM! This isn’t a card. This is a masterpiece! A Work of Heart. It’s truly wonderous Kim. I can see how this took you 7 hours. It would take me 70!

    Who is going to be the receiver of this card? … Or .. is this one you’re keeping – and I would fully understand that after all the hard work and it’s too precious to give away.

    I’m filled with awe.
    A truly incredible make Kim. Love it. ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Thank you Cobs! It was for a special lady who I have only recently made friends with, but she is an inspiration and a saviour! Although I have crafting friends in blogland, would you believe after 8 years of doing this, I hadn’t met another crafter that I could craft with until now, and it feels brilliant to share my craft room, just wish it was bigger as I would use it for classes, but that is in the pipeline! x

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      1. Very very good luck in making your dream your reality, Kim.

        Go for it. Only those prepared to take a chance, are in the ‘possibly’ zone and that’s where the magic happens.
        Sending you all good wishes and wishing you the best of luck. ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Thank you Flo, I could get lost for hours making these (and often do!). The columns were a whole other story, but did get a real big sense of satisfaction when they were done…..imagine just from simple white card! πŸ™‚ x


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